Back on the Trail

Hot Springs
Slack line over river
Reaching for the Sky


After Big Bear it was back to the grind. Long days and big mileage. Although my motivation before was to make it to Big Bear my new motivation was to make it through the never ending desert to a hot spring. A true oasis in the the middle of nowhere. After a couple days trecking though very hot and dry canyons the hot spring was finally in sight. Multiple tubs are built in layers, connected only by the waterfalls as one flows into the other. In addition to the hot springs, the river flows through, so there are small cliff jumps as well as a slack line over the water. The original plan was for my hiking buddy Harry and I, to stay for a couple hours and move on but the spring enticed us to stay the entire day. That night I slept on the shore of the river with a view of the stars shining through the opening in the canyon. All in all it was a good stop. -Noel Nelson

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  1. Enjoyed reading Noel! Thank you for the pics so we can live vicariously through you! Stay safe! You can always text your friends money when they pay for you. Your bank may have it or download an app like Cash. All you need is their phone number.

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