Where is Noel?

Ok.. Been getting lots of calls today about Noel’s map.. He’s fine.. I think he just forgot to turn on his satellite GPS beacon this morning.. The map is officially updating again!

  • Philip (Noel’s Dad) and website babysitter

Mt Laguna

I originally planned to make it to Mt Laguna (mile 43) on the end of my fourth day, but I have been going faster than expected. I strolled in this morning around 8:45 am. Even though it is a small town, there is an outdoors store here that is famous for their “shakedown”. For most people this is necessary and they lose lots of pack weight. For me, it was only annoying and they tried to sell me on every single thing they had in stock. I plan to spend some time here and take off this afternoon for some cooler hiking. All in all, the trail is great so far.

The Beginning

The day started when I left for the airport at 4am. After saying goodbye to my family, I was off on my own. I arrived in San Diego at 9 am and was picked up by a trail angel named Rob. Rob was amazing and drove me straight to the start of the trail. The start of the trail is very hot and dry but the people were plentiful and everyone was very cool. I finished the first day having gone 15 miles and camped with about 30 people.

Stay tuned for more to come! -Noel Nelson