Day and Night

  • As I set up camp after a average day on the trail a massive fog rolled in. This isn’t necessarily rare but this fog was thicker than I had ever seen on the PCT. Despite the weather I made my dinner and went to sleep just like any other night. The next morning I awoke, surprised to see that the fog had not only stayed through the night, but that it had grown even more thick. I assumed it would be a wet gloomy day of backpacking, but as I started hiking the trail gained elevation until I had risen above the clouds. It was amazing to look down the mountain and see nothing but clouds below. It made a 7,000 ft peak seem like I was truly high in the sky.

Throughout the day the trail rose and fell, dipping me below the cloud line with every few miles. The stark contrast was amazing and kept things interesting. Below the cloud, the burnt trees surrounded by fog looked extremely ominous but when I would surface above the clouds the sky was as blue as could be. It was like stitching between two different worlds. -Noel Nelson

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  1. Your photography is beautiful! And great writing…”stitching between worlds”….SWEET! I’m loving the blog updates! Praying for continued safety and long talks with the Creator! ❤️

  2. Hi, Noel!! You don’t know me very well, but I wanted to comment on your journey!! I have enjoyed all of your beautiful photography, and I love your journal entries. Randall and I love the outdoors … Colorado especially, so we appreciate the beautiful descriptions and pictures of the scenery along your way. Being in nature always bring me closer to God!! His handiwork is so awesome and inspirational!

    I talked with your mom and hugged your dad this morning!! I know that they are so excited for your experience, but being a mother myself … I’m sure they think of you often and are concerned for your well being. They are such wonderful people!! I know how proud they are of you!!

    I pray for you daily, Noel. Keep up the good work, and always remember that there are many walking right beside you in this journey, if only in spirit. I love you, dear brother. Be safe and keep that wonderful, smiling , spirit filled attitude as you travel.

  3. As Jenny said, your photographs are great. They are thoughtfully composed and well exposed. I’m impressed that you can pay attention to such details while hiking oftentimes grueling trail. Yours is definitely one of the best PCT blogs I have seen. I wish you good luck with your journey.

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