Northern California

Natures balance beam

The PCT is broken up into five distinct sections. The desert, the sierras, northern California, Oregon, and Washington. As of now, I am in the heart of northern Cali. What makes this section unique is the massive pine tree forests and the easy grade of the trail. Compared to the heat of the desert and snow of the mountains, this change is welcomed with a happy heart. I am able to do as many miles per day as I did in the desert and the scenery is beautiful and new. Another thing that makes this section so nice is the abundance of towns along the way. Almost every day I am able to eat a meal at a resort or ranch.

meadow by Drakesbad guest ranch

The day after leaving the town of Chester, I reached Drakesbad guest ranch. This is a rustic yet luxurious ranch nestled in Lassen National Park.  The ranch is not exactly fond of hikers, but with the purchase of a rather expensive dinner they allow you to use their facilities. So upon arriving I was able to shower and swim in the heated pool. After the regular guests eat the hikers were allowed to eat. A few of the hikers were promised vegan or gluten free meals so when the waiter brought out one platter of corn dogs and chicken strips we were frustrated at best. They explained that they had run out of food from serving their guests and at that point the guest who couldn’t eat any of the food stormed off in anger. The combination of paying 20$ for dinner and hiker hunger is enough to make anyone mad. Luckily they didn’t charge anyone and appologized for the inconvenience. So I left feeling pretty good about getting a free afternoon at an expensive guest ranch.

A quick dip in Lower Twin Lake

Additionaly, the section I’m backpacking now is the section I did as a PCT practice hike last summer. When our family friend Jim Plant backpacked the trail last summer I flew out and backpacked with him to get a taste of the trail. I had an amazing experience and being able to make it back to the same place is awesome. The trail hasn’t changed one bit but the experience is entirely new for me. I have changed. Not only is the hiking physically easier than last year but I am now fully in the thru-hiking community. I know just about every fellow hiker I pass. Seeing how far i’ve come has been amazing and there is still a lot of trail left for growth.

Noel Nelson (PCT mile 1371)

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  1. We are so very proud of you and love getting your updates. Please know we are praying for you and love you!!

  2. Hi Noel,

    We haven’t met yet since I am a new member at San Pedro Church of Christ, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. When I first started reading it a couple of weeks ago, it was late at night so I said I’d just read a couple of posts and continue later. But I read the entire site in one sitting! It was like a novel that is just too good to put down. I grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and have also participated in the hobby of Volkssporting for more than 30 years, so I’ve been on a hike or two. What an adventure you’re having! Stay safe, enjoy the Fourth of July, and I look forward to meeting you when you return.

    Gayle Weinraub

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