Trail Magic

Steak dinner on the PCT

Yesterday was the hottest day on the trail this far. Temperatures reached 100 while the section I was hiking and had zero shade.

After a brutal 20 miles, I got into camp right as it was getting dark. Ramen soup is good, but after eating it for a week I was not looking forward to dinner. Right at that point a trail angel showed up with a grill, steak, chicken, and vegetables. The trail angel was there to bring food to two of her friends hiking the trail, but there was extra so I was invited to join. I don’t know if food has ever tasted so good.

6 Replies to “Trail Magic”

  1. Noel! Im so proud of you at how far you’ve come already, keep it up I always look forward to reading your next post!

  2. Cousin Noel!
    What an adventure of a lifetime!
    We are enjoying following along and with you in our hearts!!!
    Can’t wait to have you over when you’re living the Razorback life and our house will hopefully be finished!!!
    (WooPig to that)
    In the wise words of Rod Kimble
    “Life is short, stunt it!”

    The Maxey’s

  3. I really enjoyed following Jim last year and I am sure I’ll do the same with your experience. I’m excited for you! What an amazing experience this will be throughout!

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