California/Oregon border

After nearly three months of walking, on the 16th of july I crossed the border into the second state of my journey. Oregon! Oregon has been a short term goal of mine for a long time. The scenery and trail hasn’t changed much but just the knowledge that the biggest part is behind me is incredible.

Firsts nights campsite view in Oregon

The final stretch in california was a time of reflection for me. I have gone through so many different climates, met so many people, had good days and had bad ones all in this state. It is beautiful and diverse. Most importantly, it has given me countless memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

A tree “eating” the pct sign

Just to put a cherry on top of the sunday, less than a mile before the border was some trail magic. A group of people were remodeling an old cabin and decided to help hikers as well. So for my last afternoon in this state I sat and drank sodas and ate hotdogs with my fellow hikers.

Trail magic/cabin rebuilding before border

Once in oregon I only had 17 mile to my first town, Ashland. Luckily my Aunt Sarah used to live her. So out of her kindness, she called around to old friends and was able to find me a place to stay. I was also treated to the best breakfast I have every had at a restaurant called Morning Glory. All in all the start of the state has been great and I only expect it to get better.


Noel Nelson (pct mike 1716)

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  1. So glad that it worked out for a stay in Ashland! Love a breakfast at Morning Glory…buckwheat pancakes were my choice dish! Yum! Press on little brother…you are in our prayers!

  2. Hi Noel
    So good to hear you’ve completed California. Hammer & I caught up with Jim and heard about your hike so far. I’ve just completed Oregon and it has been astonishingly beautiful at this time of the year. Happy trails as you head north through this beautiful state.

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