Entering the High Sierra’s

Prince Crossing a Bridge

The final stop before the Sierra’s is Kennedy Meadows. From this point on the trail changes drastically. After arriving, I went to pick up the boxes I had shipped to myself and a box my family had shipped. In the four boxes was an ice axe, bear canister, new warmer sleeping bag. The final box had food. After packing everything up, my bag felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. Right before we left, a hiker from Denmark called Price joined Harry and me. The three of us headed out ready for this new and exciting section.

Snow Travel over a Pass

As we walked the trail steadily gained elevation for an entire day, we climbed from 6,000 to 10,000 feet very quickly. Even though the hiking was difficult, I was happily distracted by the beautiful scenery that was around every corner. We celebrated our first day in this section, by making a fire at camp that night (a surprisingly rare thing on the pct). The next two days I climbed up and over two peaks. The first was right around the 10,000 foot mark and the second, closer to 11,000 ft. Each peak had snow on the top but it was easy to walk over and I didn’t even need my snow gear.


After the second pass,

Hitch into Lone Pine

I took a side trail and descended to a park, where my group hitched a ride into the town of Lone Pine. The ride down was the scariest hitch of my life. Not because the people were sketchy, but because I rode in the back of a pickup truck down a mountain road with a major drop off on one side. Luckily I made it down alive and am now preparing for the next section. The next stretch will be one of the hardest. I will climb Mt Whitney and go over the highest pass on the entire trail. Additionally the snow will be a major factor and cut my daily mileage down drastically. Even with all this I am excited for the adventures to come.


-Noel Nelson (pct mile 744)

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  1. Noel, I’m so proud at all you have accomplished already! I love reading all your updates, you word everything so perfectly and your pictures are just breath taking. Keep it up only a thousand something miles to go LOL

  2. Noel, I have just started following your trip and it is amazing!! I am trying to go back to the beginning so will take me awhile to catch up with you. An adventure of a lifetime! Be safe. Prayers are with you!

  3. loving your PCT blog!
    I’m a 48 year old women who hiked for the 1st time four months ago in Sedona. I absolutely loved it!
    Wish i was as young to do the PCT one day.
    wishful thinking!

    Take care and may god bless you!

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