The Aquaduct

Road Walks

There is a 40 mile stretch of the PCT known for being the hottest and driest part of the whole trail. This section follows the aquaduct the brings water to LA but despite this fact water on the trail is almost nonexistent. Additionally shade is just as rare. As the trail follows the metal pipe it is almost discouraging to look up and see the miles and miles you will have to walk. Unlike the rest of the trail, this part is so flat that you can see the entire never ending section. This makes a 40 mile stretch seem like 400 miles.

Sunset in the Desert

After walking for hours in the blazing sun, we decided it was time to set up camp. It wasn’t until the sun started its retreat from the sky that I realized the beauty of the desert. The sky turned from blue to a deep reddish purple and then to black in a matter of minutes. I thought the best part was over but then the stars came out. Without any light pollution I felt like I could see every star in the galaxy. As I laid down to sleep I could hear the distant cry of coyotes. The day started out rough but in the end I was amazed at how beautiful this place is.

Noel Nelson

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  1. Praying, loving every post you make. I read them all to Mammy. She said that she feels like we are there with you. We are at the ER, she was feeling disoriented. Getting old is not for Sissies!
    Love you sweet Noel. Keep um coming!!

  2. It was interesting to read your post of your trip. Sound like it has been an interesting and growing experience. We been thinking about you.

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